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Hi there, welcome to Refactored Thinking, my home on the web. My name is Ergest and my main goal with this website is to help you boost your career and augment your intelligence through the use of unstructured learning.

I immigrated to the US from Albania. I have a degree in computer science and I currently work as a data architect where it’s my job to curate data sets for use in analytics and data science.

My deepest passion is about building a lucrative career and in order to do that, you need to build career capital in the form of rare and valuable skills. I also enjoy reading books on business, cognitive science, machine learning/artificial intelligence, psychology, etc.

You can check out my recommended reading list here.

You could learn some of these skills through a traditional education (i.e. college), however it has been my experience so far that if you really want to accelerate your career, you would have to venture way outside of a traditional college curriculum.

You’d have to dive into areas where no such curriculum exists. This is why I believe that unstructured learning is the only way to build a remarkable career with rare and valuable skills, and build your own personal monopoly.

So what is unstructured learning?

Unstructured learning is the type of learning that has no clear curriculum; there’s no professor that’s teaching you, there are few if any books and there are definitely no graded tests.

The feedback loops are spread out over time and are often non-existent. It is the hardest type of learning that can be done.

However if you can do it, the rewards are tremendous.

Think about the entrepreneur who’s starting a company from scratch and needs to learn about the market, about product design, about sales and marketing, operations, finances etc. There’s no college degree that prepares you for that.

Think about the early social media influencers on Instagram and Twitter who had to learn their craft the hard way, through trial and error.

I’m sure you could find books, articles and courses on that these days, but they had nothing to go on. And the rewards were tremendous for those who figured it out.

How did they do it?

More importantly how can you learn to do the same? How can you unravel the patterns of something that nobody can teach you? How

That’s what my journey and this site is all about. I’ll curate articles, books, podcasts and videos as I find them in an attempt to uncover and codify the hidden patterns of unstructured learning.

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